Thursday, 29 October 2009

Top Hat Masters

Well, sure enough I did go to the Top Hat Masters series with a few friends from uni, and we did go in the modern, but hey ho.
What started as a bright day turned into quite a chilly day, with some heavy rain lashing us and causing the track to become quite greasy.
some cars were victim to this, including an Austin which rolled at Gerards I think. PLus a Vauxhall VX4/90 that picked a fight with the armco on the exit of the Esses. There were also a few spins at the hairpin I think. Further adding to the excitment was a BMW 1800 tisa spinning on the back straight, taking a Healey Le Man with it. Unfortunately the Healey blew something on the Esses near the end of the race causing a lot of smoke and some brown trousers.

Furthermore an MGB which was pushing hard spun too.

Other attrition included a VERY fast Mk2 Cosworth BDA Escort losing a tyre on his first race, a Capri Cologne having issues and, unfortunately the awesome Broadspeed Jaguar having issues too.

On the plus side the Austin A40s, A35s and a Jag gave very close racing, drifting every corner. Also the re-tyred (not retired) BDA Escort came from back of the grid to a very very impresive 1st place, trouncing all in its wake. The driver having just won the previous race in a Jaguar E-type, beating off the likes of an AC Cobra.

I could go on, but I'll post a few photos I got too.
Definately worth the trip, check out the 'Brummie Dave's Vitesse' thread on the Herald and Vitesse section to see other peoples thoughts.

AC Cobra of 1963 Vintage (ha! My Vitesse is older!) It's a 4.7, so is that a 289ci version? Whichever, all that power, and look at those tyres. This guy has balls.

The Broadspeed Jaguar. Unused since 1976 according to the bloke. 5.3L V12 racing car. Oh yes, I should say so! Still has it's wooden dash board, even with those frankly HUGE wheels.

Filled about what... at least 6 gallons in a matter of seconds.

Sorry photo is so grainy, it's zoomed in about 20x digital. Looks close, but unfortunately the Vauxhall was being lapped.

Again, sorry it's grainy, zoomed in a lot. Definately need to get a better camera. Standard Vanguard III. Not all that fast, but so cool. About the only Triumph related car there unfortunately.

So, will you make it a date for your diary next year?

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Top Hat Masters

This weekend at Mallory Park is the Top Hat Masters racing series. Usually get some nice cars there, Mustangs, Falcons, Cameros, even the odd Dolomite or two!

Just thought it'd be good if a contingent of Triumph's turned up. Unfortunately I'll have to go in the Modern as I'm taking a number of friends and we won't all fit in the Vitesse!

Here's one of my videos of last years racing.

Monday, 14 September 2009

The Herald has gone!

Well, after a long time of trying, we eventually sold the Herald today.
It's served me well as a starter classic, and having had it for around 5 years now it's time to move her on. I can't give her the attention she needs with my Vitesse needing some work and a BSA to restore.
She's staying local to me though, as a friend at University was looking for a car to buy, use and modify as time moves on.

So long Hector / Helljoy / Hark the Herald...

Friday, 11 September 2009

Coventry Festival of Motoring 2009

This weekend just gone was the Coventry Festival of Motoring, which was very well attended by participants and spectators alike. Over 600 cars, around 40 motorbikes and 40 odd fancy dress participants.

It's a 60 mile run round the Warwickshire countryside, seeing some nice little villages and taking in some nice roads too. This year also involved a trip to MIRA on the two mile straights track. Unfortunately we were limited to a top speed of 50mph on the straights and 30mph on corners. Probably a good thing as the corners were far more banked than I anticipated!

Some very nice cars on the run, my favourite probably being the Jaguar C-Type from the Jaguar Heritage Trust Museum. Loads of others too, but a fair few modern cars too, which just added to the event. Here's a few photos of some of the cars from the run.

Certainly a worthwhile event, and one that everyone should add to their calender.

Bugatti T35A - Original body and interior, but had Vitesse front suspension. Odd.

The Jaguar C-Type from the JHT Museum.

Lemon Mk2. I liked this car, nice and mean.

Spitfire Mk3 with a GT6 bonnet on. Didn't see this out on the run, but looked nice parked up.

There was a very healthy turn out of Triumphs, with only Austin being in competition for the marque most represented at the event. Some thirsty old beasts came, a few Corvettes, a Pontiac Firebird, a Mini Van with a Rover V8 in the back, an Ultima Can Am to name but a few. Unfortunately, once again I forgot to take any photos of my own Vitesse. Bugger.

Friday, 29 December 2006

Estate check over.

Right then, Karl at KD Triumph checked over my Estate yesterday. All was going well until we got to the chassis, but more of that later.

Bodywork: No major rot in the body panels, and the 13/60 bonnet is in near mind condition! Doors are good, back wings good, tailgate good, bulkhead okay, valances good. All the floors are good with the exception of the passenger footwell, although this will be one of the last parts to be welded. The roof is also in great condition.

Interior: The interior is in amazingly good condition, considering that the car hasn't been used for around 10 years or so. It's blue (shadow?) with black carpets. It also has the original dash board that is uncracked and not sun damaged at all.

Mechanically: Engine runs and pulls extremely well, again with consideration that it hasn't been used for 10 years or so. Gearbox is a bit lumpy and reverse is a bit hard to find, but no more so than other cars I've driven. Brakes didn't bite too well, but once used with force and they were biting well. There was no noticeable noise from the diff, prop or half-shafts. Steering is a little hard to judge for reasons I will go into.

Not your usual Herald, as it's a Powder Blue Estate, and I can't say I've seen many of these ever. Also as far as I know it is an original 1971 Powder Blue Estate, so must have been one of the last I guess. A quick check on the DVLA shows it was first registered on 01-05-1971.

Now onto the chassis, or lack of it.
It's not the worst horror story ever, but equally hardly a fairy-tale.

The side-rails are a bit gone, as are the front riggers and tie-rod rigger. It's because of the tie-rod rigger that steering is hard to judge as the car is a bit wobbly. The main-rails aren't too bad but may fail an MOT in a year or so, so they will also be plated up well, although in time a new chassis will be sought and bought.

All in all it's a very decent car that is let down by it's chassis, which all in all is not a particularly hard repair to make.

Roll on those black Revolutions, Spit 1500 + Overdrive, lowered, nice 'zorst pipe and a good radio.
Will it be done in time for the Historic Counties? Who knows, I can but work and work and work.
Thanks again to KD Triumph for the inspection, advice and a nice cupper on a cold day. You can see their webpage at .